Collection: Garden

Create your dream garden oasis with our top-of-the-line DIY garden irrigation systems. Our irrigation collection boasts a wide range of products to suit all your watering needs. From garden drip irrigation kits to drip tape for gardens, we have everything you need to effortlessly water your garden vegetables. Our Streamline X Drip Tape, available in both 8 mil and 10 mil varieties, ensures efficient watering, while our Techline DL Dripline with a 0.9 gph flow rate covers an impressive 18" area. For easy installation, check out our Garden Drip Kit, complete with 1500' of essential supplies. Inject nutrients directly into your system with the EZ-Flo Hose Bib Injector, available in sizes of 3/4 and 2.5 gallons. Our Netafim White Polyethylene Tubing, measuring 3/4" by 500', offers durability and flexibility. Experience precision irrigation with our Netafim Streamline X Drip Tape, featuring 12" spacing and 0.23 GPH emission. Our B09D Digital Hose End Timer by Dig automates watering schedules effortlessly. Ensure pure water flow with our Filter and Regulator Assembly for Drip Tape, while our Netafim Arkal Disc Filter with 120 Mesh offers reliable filtration. Simplify your gardening tasks with our Plastic Pipe and Hose Cutter. Upgrade your garden irrigation system today and enjoy a luscious, beautifully watered garden. Explore our collection and bring your garden vision to life.