Instructions for Garden Drip Tape Kit

Lay mainline tubing for the garden drip tape kit out in the sun so it will soften and be easier to work with.  Attach filter and regulator assembly to hose bibb.  Attach mainline tubing to the other end.  DO NOT remove twist-lock collar from the fitting to attach the mainline tubing.  Make sure the collar is screwed all the way up on the fitting, attach tubing, then reverse collar back over tubing to secure.  Next, use the punch tool to make holes in the mainline tubing where you want your row fittings to be.  These holes should be made in the side of the tubing, not on top of the tubing, so that the tape fitting and tape will be laying lateral and flat to the ground.  After punching the holes, run water through the line to flush out the little pieces that are now inside the tubing from where you punched the holes.  Next, cap the end of the line making sure to install the tubing over the twist-lock fitting in the same way as before.   Now you can press in your tape connector fittings barb end into the holes you have punched.  Attach drip tape to the other end of the tape connector fitting in the same way as you did the mainline fittings, making sure also that the tape is pushed all the way up over the barbed end of the fitting before reversing the collar back over it to secure.  You should lay your tape with the emitters facing up.  Last, attach the tape end plugs in the same way to the end of your rows.  If you chose not to purchase tape end plugs, then remember you can cut a piece off of the end of each row of tape, fold the end of the row back and use the piece you cut off as a sleeve to slide back over the folded part. Unscrew the bottom of the filter and pull out the disk spine for cleaning as needed.

 *Remember to run your system daily if there is no rain.  Drip irrigation is not designed to recover plants from their wilting point.  Our garden tape puts out a quart of a gallon an hour at each emitter, and emitters are spaced 12 inches apart.

 Row Spacing:         Run Time Per Day for 1 Inch of Water for the Week:

(Row Spacing refers to the distance between each row of tape.)

 1 foot                     25 minutes

1.5 feet                  35 minutes

2 feet                     45 minutes

3 feet                     65 minutes

4 feet                     90 minutes

5 feet                     115 minutes

 *Longer required run times work better to split in half and run twice a day.