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Netafim, Senninger, Irritec

Garden Drip Kit - 1500'

Garden Drip Kit - 1500'

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Introducing our Garden Drip Kit, the ultimate solution for efficient and hassle-free watering of your garden. This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to set up a professional drip irrigation system, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced gardeners.

With 1500 feet of 12" spacing Netafim drip tape, this kit ensures precise and targeted watering, allowing your plants to thrive while conserving water. The drip tape delivers a steady flow of water at a rate of 0.23 gallons per hour, ensuring optimal hydration for your plants without wasting a drop.

  • Effortless Installation: Our kit also comes with a 3/4" 120 mesh disc filter and a 12 psi 1/2 - 8 gpm regulator assembly, guaranteeing optimal water pressure and eliminating the need for additional filters or regulators.
  • Customizable Design: With 15 valve connectors with the 250 barb size for up to 100 foot rows, 3 mm punch tool, 15 tape end plugs, 2 drip tape repair couplings, 1 mainline repair coupling, 1 mainline end plug, and a tree of 10 goof plugs included in the kit, you have the flexibility to adapt the system to your garden's unique layout and needs.

The Garden Drip Kit is built to last, featuring durable power lock/twist lock fittings that ensure a secure and leak-free connection. Remember, when installing the fittings, screw the collars all the way on, attach the tape or tubing, and then reverse twist the collar back over the tape or tubing to secure it in place.

Please note that the mainline tubing (100 feet of 3/4" polyethylene) is sold separately due to additional handling requirements and shipping costs. Contact us if you have any specific requests or need assistance customizing your kit.

Upgrade your gardening game with our Garden Drip Kit. Let it take care of the watering, so you can focus on enjoying the beauty and abundance of your flourishing garden.

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