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Netafim, Senninger, Irritec

Garden Drip Kit

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Garden drip tape kit containing 3/4" 120 mesh disc filter and 12 psi 1/2 - 8 gpm regulator assembly, 1500' of 12" spacing Netafim drip tape 0.23 gph, 1 punch, 15 valve connectors, 15 tape end plugs, 2 drip tape repair couplings, 1 mainline repair coupling, 1 mainline end plug and tree of 10 goof plugs.  All items (including the mainline tubing sold and shipped separately) are for multi-season use other than the drip tape.  

***100' feet of 3/4" polyethylene mainline tubing ships and sold separately due to additional handling requirements and cost to ship the mainline tubing.  The tubing is not a boxed item.

Fittings are power lock/twist lock. DO NOT remove twist collars from fittings before installing. Screw collars all the way on the fitting, attach tape or tubing, then reverse twist collar back over tape or tubing to secure.