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Netafim Hanging Basket Assembly 0.5 GPH - With Slimline Weight

Netafim Hanging Basket Assembly 0.5 GPH - With Slimline Weight

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Introducing the Netafim Hanging Basket Assembly, the ultimate solution for hanging basket growers looking to simplify their watering routine. Say goodbye to strenuous hand watering and hello to effortless irrigation.

Our pre-assembled Netafim Hanging Basket Assembly is equipped with a 0.5 GPH WPCJ Dripper, featuring a convenient built-in check valve. This powerful dripper ensures a consistent flow of water to your plants, promoting healthy growth and maximum water efficiency.

With the SlimLine EZ Close™ system, you can bid farewell to water and fertilizer spillage and waste. The one-hand, EZ close shut-off feature allows you to easily control the water flow to each individual basket, preventing any mess or excess usage.

Not only does the Netafim Hanging Basket Assembly save you time, but it also saves you money. Install the system once, and you can expect a complete payback in the first season from labor cost savings alone. No more manual watering means more time to focus on other tasks, increasing your productivity. - Installs easily with Netfim 3 mm blue punch tool

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Effortless Irrigation: Our Hanging Basket Assembly eliminates the need for hand watering, reducing labor costs and saving you valuable time.
  • Water Efficiency: The 0.5 GPH WPCJ Dripper with built-in check valve ensures a consistent and controlled flow of water, optimizing plant growth while minimizing waste.

Invest in the Netafim Hanging Basket Assembly and revolutionize your hanging basket irrigation system. Join countless growers who have experienced the benefits of this innovative solution. Order yours today and enjoy the ease of hassle-free watering.

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