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Hanging Basket Assembly 0.5 GPH

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The pre-assembled Netafim SlimLine EZ Close™ Weight assemblies include: • 0.5 GPH WPCJ Dripper with built-in check valve • Super Flex UV White™ PE tubing • SlimLine EZ Close™ weight.

Hanging basket growers needing to reduce or eliminate their hand watering labor costs can install a Netafim USA SlimLine EZ Close™ system and expect a complete payback in the first season from labor cost savings. Only SlimLine EZ Close™ assemblies combine the benefits of: • One-hand, EZ close shut-off of individual baskets - prevents water and fertilizer spillage and waste. • Snag-free slim design for easy retrieval from plants at harvest – no more lost weights. • 94% flow uniformity from the first basket to the last in any system.