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Netafim VibroNet Sprinkler Blue 9.2 GPH

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The VibroNet sprinkler with blue nozzle is used when a light mist is required for watering, for example when germinating seeds. Excellent uniformity can be achieved with sprinkler spacings between 3’ and 5’, with an elevation of 2’ to 5’. Flow is 9.2 GPH. The VibroNet sprinkler can be used upright or upside down.  LPD check valve sold separately.

Bag Quantity - 25


Ideal for germination in nurseries and green houses, VibroNet’s innovative vibration technology delivers a perfect distribution of fine droplets across the germination table - helping you achieve significantly higher germination rates and healthy seedlings.

  • HIGH UNIFORMITY AND GERMINATION RATES: The uniform droplets are perfectly sized and distributed to guarantee effective germination.
  • AVOID PLANT DAMAGE: Bridge-less design ensures drip-less operation so that any plants located below are protected from water drip-off.
  • SELF-CLANING: “Vibration” mechanism prevents build-up of mineral deposits in the nozzle – reducing need for maintenance and repairs.
  • HARD-WEARING: Micro-emitters are made from materials resistant to abrasive agrochemicals and harsh weather conditions.


  • In all greenhouse irrigation systems and germination.


  • Structure without bow with vibrating action
  • Recommended filtration: 120 mesh / 130 micron The filtration method is to be adjusted based on the dirt particles present in the water. If the sand dissolved in the water is greater than 2 ppm, a Hydrocyclone filter must be installed before the main filter. If sand / silt / clay is greater than 100 ppm, pre-treatment is required.
  • Sprinkler connection: pressure male.