Collection: Drip Tape & Drip Tape Fittings Collection

Discover the world of drip tape and fittings, where convenience and efficiency meet in perfect harmony. Our collection offers a vast array of essential products to optimize your irrigation system. From Netafim Streamline X Drip Tape with its durable structure to Netafim Dual Goof Plug that ensures a tight seal, we have everything you need. Simplify your setup with the easy-to-use Irritec Perma-Loc Fittings, allowing you to effortlessly connect and control your tape. Experience peace of mind with the Filter and Regulator Assembly, providing clean and regulated water flow. With our collection, you can easily customize your design, using Netafim Tape Elbow or Twist Lock Tape Coupling. All tape fittings are designed to fit any 5/8" drip tape, no matter the millimeter thickness. Upgrade your irrigation game and explore the endless possibilities of drip tape and fittings.