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Netafim and Senninger

Filter and Regulator Assembly For Drip Tape

Filter and Regulator Assembly For Drip Tape

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Looking for a reliable solution to optimize your home garden irrigation system? Look no further than our high-quality Filter & Regulator Assembly for Drip Tape. This assembly is designed to ensure efficient water flow while safeguarding your drip tape and preventing clogs. 3/4" Hose thread to 3/4" mainline polyethylene tubing.

Our assembly features a Netafim 120 mesh disc filter, capable of capturing even the tiniest particles and debris, guaranteeing crystal-clear water for your plants. Coupled with the Senninger 12 psi low flow regulator, it ensures a consistent water pressure of 1/5 to 8 gallons per minute, maximizing the effectiveness of your drip tape irrigation.

  • Superior Filtration: The 120 mesh disc filter effectively removes impurities, protecting your drip tape from clogging and extending its lifespan.
  • Optimized Water Pressure: The included Senninger regulator maintains a steady water pressure, preventing fluctuations that could harm your plants and ensuring maximum water efficiency.

Install this filter and regulator assembly with ease by connecting it to a hose bib and 3/4" mainline polyethylene tubing. Its user-friendly design allows for hassle-free integration into your existing irrigation system.

Perfect for home garden systems utilizing polyethylene tubing mainline and drip tape irrigation, our Filter & Regulator Assembly is a must-have for any garden enthusiast. Don't compromise on the quality of your irrigation setup - invest in this assembly and experience improved water quality and optimized water pressure for your plants.

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