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Netafim Drip Tape End Plug

Netafim Drip Tape End Plug

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Introducing the Drip Tape End Plug, the perfect solution for securely connecting and sealing your drip tape. Say goodbye to leaks and make your irrigation system more efficient than ever before!

This easy-to-install twist lock connector is designed for use with drip tapes ranging from 5 mil to 32 mil in thickness. Its positive closure mechanism ensures a tight and reliable connection, giving you peace of mind that your drip tape won't come loose.

  • No more worries about leaks or wasted water
  • Designed for quick and hassle-free installation

With the Drip Tape End Plug, you can confidently attach your drip tape without the need for complicated tools or skills. Simply screw the twist lock ring all the way on, attach the drip tape, and then reverse the ring back over the tape to securely lock it in place.

Don't risk compromising the performance of your irrigation system with unreliable connectors. Trust the Drip Tape End Plug to ensure a secure and leak-free connection every time.

Upgrade your irrigation system today and experience the benefits of the Drip Tape End Plug. It's the ultimate accessory for any drip tape setup.

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