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Netafim Streamline X Drip Tape 8 MIL 1500' 12" Spacing 0.23 GPH

Netafim Streamline X Drip Tape 8 MIL 1500' 12" Spacing 0.23 GPH

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If you're looking for top-notch drip irrigation, look no further than our Netafim Streamline X Drip Tape. This 8 MIL tape is designed to meet all your irrigation needs with ease.

Our Drip Tape Streamline X is highly durable and built to last. It features a non-pressure compensating thinwall construction, making it perfect for seasonal row crop irrigation. With its seamless design, low filtration requirement, and flap outlet protection, it effectively prevents soil ingestion and root intrusion. You can rely on this tape to deliver consistent water flow, ensuring your crops receive the nourishment they need.

When it comes to convenience, our Drip Tape Streamline X has got you covered. With 1500' feet on the roll, you'll have more than enough to cover your garden. The tape also has a 12" spacing between emitters for optimal water distribution. And with a flow rate of 0.23 GPH, you'll have precise control over the amount of water your crops receive.

  • Seamless construction for efficient irrigation
  • Low filtration requirement to save you time and effort

Drip Tape Streamline X is the ultimate choice for hassle-free drip irrigation. Get yours today and experience the difference it can make in your farming endeavors.

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