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R33 Rotator 3/4" sprinkler with Green #24 Nozzle

R33 Rotator 3/4" sprinkler with Green #24 Nozzle

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The R33 Rotator 3/4" sprinkler with Green #24 Nozzle is the ultimate solution for all your irrigation needs. Equipped with Nelson's innovative Rotator technology, this sprinkler provides superior performance, longer throw distance, and uniform coverage.

With its easy-to-clean and easy-to-repair design, the R33 eliminates the hassles associated with traditional brass sprinklers. Say goodbye to clogging, damage, and theft worries. Plus, it comes at a more affordable price!

Operating at a pressure range of 40-65 PSI (2.75-4.5 bar), the R33 ensures optimal water distribution without wasting a drop. It's perfect for a variety of applications, including overhead irrigation, cooling, and environmental control for nursery crops, trees, vines, and small fruit and berry crops.

Key Features:

  • Longer throw distance for maximum coverage
  • Wind resistance for uninterrupted irrigation

With a flow rate of 5-8.2 gpm (1147-1859 lph), the R33 delivers just the right amount of water to your plants, preventing under or over-watering. The nozzle size, #24 (3/16"), ensures precise water distribution, promoting healthy growth and maximizing yields.

Key Benefits:

  • Frost protection for strawberries and other delicate crops
  • Cost-effective alternative to brass sprinklers

Whether you are a professional grower or a backyard enthusiast, the R33 Rotator with Green #24 Nozzle is the perfect choice for efficient and effective irrigation. Experience the difference and achieve exceptional results with this top-notch sprinkler.

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