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Spray Stake Assembly - 3.0 GPH - 36" - Yellow

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Perfect for potted plants and tomato grow bags!  Spray Stake Assembly - 3.0 GPH - 36" - Yellow

Install with 3 mm blue punch.

Non PC Spray Stakes

The Netafim Spray Stake pattern is specifically designed to match the shape of the pot and provide a precise amount of water and fertilizer directly to the plant. The pattern wets the soil surface evenly to maximize water retention by the soil mix and evenly release liquid or timed-release fertilizers. Overspray or water run-off is eliminated saving water, energy and fertilizer costs.

Why Non PC Spray Stakes

  • Superior Soil Wetting = Improved Plant Quality
  • Rugged and Reliable one-piece construction
  • Super Simple to clean
  • Simple close-off feature
  • Spray direction indicator saves time and labor

Product Advantages

  • The Simplest, Most Dependable Spray Stakes
  • Rugged and Reliable One-Piece Construction
  • Super Simple To Clean
  • ‘BMP’ Friendly


  • Watering System for Potted Plants and Nursery Containers


  • Filtration Operating: 120 Mesh
  • Operating Pressure: 4.12”
  • Stake Length: Black Flex PE 5/3mm 0.197“ x 0.125”
  • Tubing:  White Flex PE 5/3mm 0.197“ x 0.125”
  • Spray Radius: 12” - 16”
  • Spray Pattern: 160 Degrees

 *Based on flow at an average of 15 psi