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Superior Sterling Series Controller

Superior Sterling Series Controller

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Sterling Series Controllers - 4, 8 & 12 Station Models. We order 12 station models as needed.  Please contact us for 12 station model.  

– Six independent programs that can run concurrently

  • Up to 9 daily cycle starts per program; or, loop watering optional in all six programs for unlimited cycles
  • No limit on the number of programs to which a station can be assigned (all six if desired)
  • Station timing adjustable from 1 minute to 24 hours in 1 minute increments. Seconds/minutes time base optional in all six programs. An illuminated LED lets you know if a program is in the seconds/minute mode

– Automatic, semi-automatic, manual, and timed manual operation

  • Programmable watering calendar. The watering calendar is factory set at 7 days, but can be changed to any length from 1 to 32 days
  • Programmable “system check” cycle that can be initiated at any station. Station “On” duration programmable from 1 min. to 15 min. (or 1 to 15 sec. per station)
  • Water budgeting feature to simultaneously change the watering duration of all stations within a program (1% to 255%).  An illuminated LED lets you know if water budgeting is set at other than 100%
  • Single program option gives you the flexibility of having two or more programs scheduled, but limiting automatic operation to only that program at which the dial is set
  • Programmable rain off up to 14 days. The controller will resume automatic operation on the day following the last “Off” day.
  • Program erase feature allows existing programs to be erased individually or all at once
  • Programmable pause of 1 second to 59 seconds between stations to allow full valve closure before advancing to the next station
  • Programmable loop allows a program’s watering cycle to continuously repeat for a desired period
  • Cycles can repeat immediately or after a programmed delay of 1 minute to 4 hours, 15 minutes
  • Program 6 can be activated by a sensor switch such as a thermostat. Ideal for frost protection or cooling

– Simplified program review

  • Program information can be scrolled on the display
  • Master valve/pump start circuit can be disabled during operation of any program
  • Master valve/pump start station can be turned on manually without another station turning on
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