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Van Stone Flange - Socket - Sch 80 Gray - PVC

Van Stone Flange - Socket - Sch 80 Gray - PVC

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SCH 80 Gray Van Stone Flange Socket by Spears Manufacturing. Full face flange gasket sold separately. Van Stone flanges are made of two pieces, with a center socket that is loose until tightened. The bolt ring on the flange rotates separately from the hub, making it easier to align bolts during installation. The flange can be loose, and you can still bolt into it during installation. You can rotate the flange around and drop bolts in, making adjustments. Van Stone flanges are used in many applications, including: material transitions, valve and pump installation, water treatment plants, and agricultural and industrial applications. 

2" :

L=1-21/32 M=2-31/32
N=1/8 O.D.=6
R=7/8 No of Bolts=4
Bolt Circle Dia.=4- 3/4 Bolt Size=5/8

3" :

L=2- 1/8 M=4- 1/4
N=1/4 O.D.=7- 1/2
R=1-1/8 No of Bolts=4
Bolt Circle Dia.=6 Bolt Size=5/8

4" :

L=2- 1/2 M=5- 1/4
N=9/32 O.D.=9-3/32
R=1-3/16 No of Bolts=8
Bolt Circle Dia.=7- 1/2 Bolt Size=5/8

6" :

L=3-3/8 M=7- 9/16
N=5/16 O.D.=11
R=1-3/8 No of Bolts=8
Bolt Circle Dia.=9- 1/2 Bolt Size=3/4

8" :

L=4-13/32 M=9- 5/16
N=5/16 O.D.=13-9/16
No of Bolts=8 Bolt Circle Dia.=11- 3/4
Bolt Size=3/4 R=1-1/2
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